Pet bereavement


The bond between a pet and a human is often a very deep and loving one, as they become one of the family. In fact, the bond is no less complex than the one of human to human relationships. When an animal companion dies, it can leave a person feeling sad and alone. It is natural to feel grief at the loss of a loved one, whether it be a dog, cat, hamster or any life that was dear to someone. This loss can leave a pet owner deeply affected, and sometimes the extent of the emotion may come as a surprise. There is often a degree of shock, which is especially the case with a sudden and unexpected loss. Shock can make a person feel numb, tearful, desperate and disorientated. Grief itself can bring about its own surge of emotions. People can feel that they can't stop crying, are unable to eat, or have a restless night's sleep, if they manage to sleep at all. As well as the deep pain that they are suffering, there may be disbelief, guilt, anger and the need to blame someone for what happened to the loved one. This is particularly true when the decision has had to be taken to euthanize a pet.

For more help with how best to get over the loss of a pet, please call our pre-recorded advice line, or talk to one of our qualified counsellors, who will understand what you are going through.


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