Addictions Living with a Drinker


Living with a Drinker


If someone close to you is a drinker, their addiction is not only harmful to themselves but everyone around them.

You cannot make someone stop drinking. Only when they understand themselves that they have a problem can they begin to do something about it.


What you can do is avoid blaming yourself for someone else's drinking and start changing the way you behave towards the drinker

It is often the case that the whole family is involved somehow in protecting the drinker from the consequences of their actions. For example calling work and making excuses as to why they will not be coming in. This just reinforces the drinker's belief that there is not a problem and that they don't need to change anything.


Choose a time when the person is sober and share your concerns with them. Encourage them to talk about underlying issues which may be causing them to drink.


Be aware of your own and others safety. If there is any danger of violence, you need to take steps to protect yourself and your family. If, after all your efforts, the drinker ultimately refuses to acknowledge the problems they are causing, you may, for reasons of your own and you family's well being, chose to permanently remove yourself from the situation.


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